Monday, October 3, 2022

What's New on the Shelf?

I added a few new things to the TBR this past week, not including what I picked up at the Book Cellar. Some of these are slightly older and just got missed in previous posts.

Before My Actual Heart Breaks is a book from Northern Ireland author Tish Delaney that I heard about on Twitter and ordered from the UK. It's roughly an adult coming of age story set during the Troubles. Mostly I just love the title.

They're Going to Love You, by Meg Howrey, comes out in November and is about growing up at the height of the AIDS crisis and how one summer ricochets through the life of a young woman. 
Finally, Yiddish Folktales, edited by Beatrice Silverman Weinreich, was set aside for me at the bookstore where I volunteer by a buddy of mine who knew I'd be interested in it. The store received a large donation from a local synagogue and my friend was sorting on a day I wasn't there and thought I'd like it. And I do like it!

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