Friday, January 27, 2023

Shelf Control: Nazi Literature in the Americas, by Roberto Bolaño

Shelf Control is a feature where bloggers pick an unread book from our shelves and talk  about it a little. It's supposed to be a Wednesday thing but I have French Movie Mercredi on Wednesdays already, so. Shelf Control is hosted at


This week's selection is Nazi Literature in the Americas by Roberto Bolaño, translated from the Spanish by Chris Andrews (who also translates my boyfriend César Aira) published by the great New Directions.

It's a fake encyclopedia of right-wing writers from across the Americas; Bolaño is well known for his opus 2666 and crime novel Savage Detectives; I tried to read 2666 and failed, but I loved his shorter book Distant Star, which I read for a crime novel class several years ago.

How and when I got it:

I got it for Christmas this year. Santa shops at

Why I Want to Read It

It's another shorter book by Bolaño and I think it just sounds really interesting. I loved Distant Star so much, it was so crazy good and compelling and I'm hoping to have another experience like that. Honestly some day I may even give 2666 another try.

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