Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sunday Salon: Too Busy to Blog

I had a really busy week. I finished the rough draft of a writing project which is a huge deal for me and applied for something that I'm not going to win but what matters is I tried and put myself out there. I also had my first full week of Yiddish homework and piano but mostly the week was about my writing project. I'm also taking a self-guided poetry workshop through Coursera right now, which is also somewhat time-consuming but I can work that in around other things. I'm loving writing again. This was the first full week where I was home and had a pretty regular routine and it just felt like a lot. So blogging kind of fell by the wayside.

I'm behind on reviews- I finished Vernon Subutex, Jersey Breaks and The Promise of Normal Life and I plan on reviewing all of them soon. I'll probably start with A Girl's Story which I finished a few weeks ago and work my way back. And I've got some plans! I received a box of books by Alina Bronsky, one of my favorite authors, from her publisher Europa Editions and I'm going to start by reading her latest, Barbara Isn't Dying, and then work on a retrospective/appreciation post to be published around the release date of Barbara, in early May. 

I want to re-read a couple of her other books as well. I've interviewed her twice and those interviews will be part of the feature; I'm still talking to Europa about what that will be exactly but I couldn't be more pleased that Europa reached out to me with this opportunity. Back in the day I used to work with them a lot and they are still a favorite of mine and Bronsky is probably my favorite Europa writer.

Today I'm starting off with a bagel and my re-watch of My Brilliant Friend, the HBO series based on the Elena Ferrante books (also published by Europa) and I'm continuing reading Barbara (I started last night) and doing All the Things as best I can. And it's Oscar Night! I love the Oscars, I don't care what anyone says. Haters can just watch something else. Don't harsh my buzz. Have a great Sunday whatever you're up to!

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