Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sunday Salon: Independent Bookstore Day


Yesterday was Independent Bookstore Day, a day to embrace our local indie bookstores and celebrate what makes them special. I went to Princeton, New Jersey, for the day, and went to two indies- The Cloak & Dagger, which was actually participating, and Labyrinth Books, which was not. Cloak & Dagger, as the name suggests, specializes in mysteries and thrillers. Labyrinth is a general-interest indie with a nice selection of rare books, too. Both were fun and I got books at both.

At Cloak & Dagger I bought The Final Silence by favorite Stuart Neville. At Labyrinth I got Seduced by Story: The Use and Abuse of Narrative, by Peter Brooks, and The Oppermanns by Leon Feuchtwanger. I've been to Labyrinth a bunch of times but this was my first time at Cloak and Dagger and certainly not my last.

Cloak & Dagger Bookstore, Princeton, N.J.
Today is a typical Sunday which I started with another episode in my rewatch of My Brilliant Friend alongside my morning bagel and coffee, and which I'll continue with a piano lesson and an online appointment.  

I'm pretty sure I'll have a movie review on Wednesday but I'm struggling to come up with a book review right now. I'm only reviewing books I enjoyed so that is going to limit me somewhat. I'm thinking about a new feature called "In the Interim" where I write about books I read and loved during my lengthy blogging hiatus. We'll see.  I have to work on my Alina Bronsky feature for later this month and I was hoping to have an author interview by now but I have not heard from the publicist in question, so who knows. I've been taking a little time off my own writing because reasons but I plan to plunge back in on Monday. Then I have this and that to finish up for my outside commitments.

So today it's TV, bagels, piano and maybe some reading. Definitely a nap, and probably a movie.

What about you? Have a great Sunday!

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Melissa said...

I wasn't able, sadly to actually grace my local bookstore yesterday although when I was working in Concord, they got a lot of my money for sure. I have to bring my daughter to a lacrosse game this morning, but then I'm relaxing today and puttering around my house...