Friday, May 5, 2023

Shelf Control: Play the Red Queen, by Juris Jurjevics

 Shelf Control is a feature where bloggers pick an unread book from our shelves and talk  about it a little. It's supposed to be a Wednesday thing but I have French Movie Mercredi on Wednesdays already, so. Shelf Control is hosted at

Today's selection is Play the Red Queen, by Juris Jurjevics. Jurjevics, who passed away in 2018, was the publisher and co-founder of Soho Press, which publishes a lot of really great crime and thrillers, among other things. They are a press I watch and follow for their international crime in particular. This book is a thriller set in Viet Nam in 1963, about an assassin who's being tracked by two American Army officers.

How and when I got it:

The book was published in 2020 and I received a galley in November of 2019. I remember it was a big deal book at the time and probably got buried in bookstores during the Covid lockdown. I don't remember if Soho sent it to me or if I picked it up at work. My Greenlight coworkers were not big crime readers so I would have had no problem snagging it but I think maybe Soho sent it to me.

Why I Want to Read It

It just looks like a lot of fun! For the crime reader anyway. I love books set in Asia and I love crime and thrillers, so what could possibly go wrong?

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