Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sunday Salon: Hello Kitty Cafe and Lazing Around


This weekend has been pretty fun. Yesterday my husband and I went to a mall in Edison, N.J. for the Hello Kitty Cafe van.

Two vans travel the country and stop off every weekend at malls each weekend. One stays west and one comes east. This week the east coast van came to New Jersey so I skipped my quilt guild meeting to buy a bunch of Hello Kitty merch.

Jeff totally enables me. We got there early (around 7:30am for a 10am opening time) and waited about 40 minutes once the van opened. It was a nice warm morning and we brought chairs and books and had fun. I felt really bad for people arriving on or after 10am who saw huge lines and probably had to wait for a very long time. Last year we went to this location for the van and didn't come early and most things were already sold out when we arrived. This time we can home with lots of stuff.

Today will be more quiet. I have a piano lesson and then who knows what I'll get up to. Likely some reading and writing, and we'll see what else. I don't have a movie picked out yet but I'll come up with something. Or I won't! We'll see.

Have a great Sunday.

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