Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Salon

It's Sunday again, and it's one of those Sundays when it's a little hard for me to come up much to say. I've been busy working- I have a new part-time job for the Association of Jewish Libraries- and I'm starting to set up a little home office for myself. My husband and I went to Ikea yesterday to look at desks and I found the perfect one, but I don't want to buy it until I get my sewing room cleaned up enough. I have a broken-down futon that needs to come out; that's a project for this week. I'm anxious to get my little workspace set up now.

My "no buying books for Lent" vow is going well I guess, although I did break it on Thursday night when I attended a book party for local writer Randy Susan Meyers and her new book, The Murderer's Daughters; proceeds from the book went to The Home for Little Wanderers, and I really wanted the book, so I hope God will understand. It was a great party and I got to meet a bunch of folks I knew from Twitter as well as hang out with pals like Dawn Rennert of She is Too Fond of Books and others. The weather that night was cascading downpours and the party was held in a beautiful home complete with a roaring fire; it was kind of wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading Meyers' book- it's got a lot of very positive attention.

Today I'm headed off to a bookstore or two for some browsing and I'm starting a new book, Melanie Benjamin's Alice I Have Been, which I've been looking forward to for a long time. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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