Wednesday, June 29, 2022

French Movie Mercredi: The Rose Maker (2022)

The Rose Maker (or La Fine Fleur) is what my mother used to call a Sunday-morning-movie; something light and delightful to watch with a cup of coffee on a nice morning when you don't have a lot to do.

The set up is kind of familiar; Eve is aging rose gardener, whose business is failing as her traditional flowers are losing out to the fancy hybrids from the big corporate farmer. She's in debt and struggling to pay her last faithful assistant when she's approached to take on three misfits from the social services system as her new team. She teaches them to be gardeners and together they come up with a plan to save her business and themselves.

It's a sweet, fun movie. Everyone blossoms when they work together. Petty criminal Fred discovers a secret talent that changes his life; shy Nad├Ęge comes out of her shell, and Samir, an immigrant who feels irrelevant, learns to value himself. Eve also finds herself renewed and refreshed with her new friends and new purpose.

The comedy is pretty low-key and their big plan doesn't exactly go to plan but it all works out in the end. It stars Catherine Frot as Eve and she brings a perfect blend of arrogance and humility to the character. She also looks great, with her little scarves, so French.  I'm also obsessed with the big song from the movie, Antoine Elie's "La rose et l'armure." Check it out on your favorite music streaming service and also check out this charming movie when you get a chance. Here's a trailer.


Mae Travels said...

You seem to be starting “Paris in July” a little early — me too! I’ll look forward to your posts.

best… mae at

Tamara said...

Ah, roses are a part of my french fantasy - the old village where the road is butted up against the house and the roses crawl up the walls. The airbnb that put roses on the kitchen table to welcome us. I would do almost anything to save roses too. Wish I had netflix, at least just for July.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Thanks for sharing this little movie. Yes, a Sunday-morning-movie. Perfect.