Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Literary Movie Wednesday: The Miracle of the Little Prince (2018)

Dir: Marjoleine Boonstra.

The Miracle of the Little Prince is a documentary about the power of literature to save language and the power of language to save literature. The Little Prince is of course Antoine de St-ExupĂ©ry's classic children's book originally published in 1943. It is one of the most-translated books in the world; outside of religious texts, few books have been translated more often. This movie tells the story of four translators representing four endangered languages- Sami, Tibetan, Nawat and Tamazight. 

It's slow moving and almost hypnotic, opening in the deserts of Morocco and traveling from there to icy Finland, El Salvador and Tibet by way of Paris. Themes of exile, oppression and alienation tie these cultures together along with the book that symbolizes nostalgia and hope as well as the things we all share as humans on this Earth.

The film is moving and emotional and makes me want to learn more about the story behind these languages and the stories behind the translations- these and the many many others that have been done of this singular and beloved book. It's a great Sunday-morning movie, something you'll find both fascinating and enjoyable on many levels.

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