Monday, October 17, 2022

The Little Prince at the Morgan Library

Last week a new exhibit opened at the Morgan Library in Manhattan, "The Little Prince: Taking Flight." The Morgan owns original manuscripts and early copies of Antoine de St. Exupéry's classic for all ages, and the museum put together a little exhibit showcasing art and artifacts around the creation of this lovely book.

The exhibit is housed a small gallery on the ground floor and won't take long to peruse. It includes original manuscript pages, unused drawings and alternate pages that didn't make the final cut alongside photos and items from the author's life and times. 

It includes modern and early editions, including an edition from Bolivia that shows how the story speaks to that culture and uses motifs from Bolivian culture to bring its themes to life in a new way.

The Little Prince has the distinction of being the most-translated book in the world after religious texts; there is even a film that was made about all of the translations, 2018's The Miracle of the Little Prince. I have a feeling you may see a post about that soon.


I enjoyed the exhibit but I felt like it was very small and I would say that if you are in New York and want to visit the Morgan, definitely check it out but I'm not sure I would recommend making a special trip just for this particular show. There is no audio component or exhibit book. I did learn a little about the story behind the story and I'm glad I went. I enjoyed the artwork, especially the sketches of the little prince with the roses.  The Morgan is a must-visit for bibliophiles; the library itself is amazing and the stories behind it are incredible, and there is always something on offer.  

The Little Prince: Taking Flight is on exhibit through February 5, 2023.

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